Glutenfreie Weihnachtswaffeln

Gluten free Christmas waffles

Gluten-free Christmas waffles are always possible. With gingerbread spices, they really set the mood for the Christmas season and go perfectly with the Advent coffee gossip. Incredibly delicious and gluten free. Also great as a small snack for the kids at school or as a breakfast idea for the weekend.

For the recipe you need the following ingredients:

120g butter,
130g coconut blossom sugar,
some vanilla powder,
2 eggs,
250g milk or rice milk,
250g gluten-free flour mix ,
3 tsp gingerbread spice,
1/2 tsp baking powder,
2 pinches of salt,
optional powdered sugar, syrup or fruit for decoration.


It is best to preheat the waffle iron.

Meanwhile, mix together the butter, sugar, vanilla powder and eggs.
Add the milk, gluten-free flour mix , baking powder and salt and stir.

Bake in batches in a preheated waffle iron. Decorate waffles as desired and serve.

Bon appetit.

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