finally the first delicious gluten-free organic bread is here

Fresh, good-tasting bread is actually a matter of course for all baked goods in Germany. This is basically true, but not for people with a gluten allergy.

Although there are now a large number of gluten-free baked goods, as soon as you take a closer look at the ingredients, you think of medication rather than food. Not to mention the taste.

It is actually surprising that there is still no delicious gluten-free bread. Maybe it's because this is very difficult to make and you have to develop a special baking mix that works without the glue gluten.


years of refinement

Innovations often arise by chance and because of a completely different area. It was the same with us. Our mother is a doctor and has been treating patients with gluten allergies for over 20 years. All have the same problem: no tasty bread.

So she set about developing it herself. What sounds easy ended up taking more than 12 years. Baking times, mixing ratios and ingredients had to be changed again and again.

Now the time has come. All friends and family like the bread.

Here is the delicious bread baking mix for you. All you have to do is stir them into a dough with water, bake and you have your delicious bread, which can even be stored for several days.

Constanze Walcher

I love food and great wine.

Unfortunately I have to eat gluten free, but that doesn't mean it can't be tasty and healthy! Through my passion and my children I discovered the love for baking and cooking.

I want to share my joy with you and make your life easier.

The motto for the baking mixes is:

  • simply

  • fast

  • healthy and tasty

Have fun baking and bon appetit!



  • Daughter of a unique and wonderful holistic doctor (She is the inventor of the farmhouse bread mix.)

  • Mother of 3 little boys

  • Fashion studies in Florence

  • Career in the fashion industry at Gucci, McQueen and Burberry

  • Founder of Glutenfrei Heimat 2019 in Berlin