Glutenfreies Brötchenrad aus dem Omnia

Gluten-free roll wheel from the Omnia

When you wake up to that delicious smell of freshly baked buns for breakfast, you'll think you're in heaven. Heavenly delicious!

For the recipe you need the following ingredients:

270g gluten free Burli bun baking mix ,
240g - 250g water,
Sesame, poppy seeds and caraway seeds with a little coarse salt.


Put the bag contents of the baking mix with the water in a bowl and knead to form a homogeneous dough.

I baked the buns in the silicone mold of the Omnia camping oven. Grease the Omnia with a bit of butter beforehand.

Cut off 9 x 90 g pieces of dough and then place them in the Omnia form. Moisten the buns with water. Sprinkle with sesame, cumin or anything else you like.

The lower form of Omnia Preheat on high for 2-3 minutes. Omnia assemble and bake the buns on the stovetop for about 45-60 minutes at high, but not maximum, heat.

Bon appetit.

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