Glutenfreies Sesam Tontopf Brot

Gluten-free Sesame Clay Pot Bread

Wonderfully crispy. Our gluten-free organic baking mix Mixed Bread serves as the basic recipe. No frills and yet just so delicious. As you can see, the result is impressive.

Such fresh bread! That scent! We love to eat the bread lukewarm with a piece of butter. Heavenly...

For the recipe you need the following ingredients:

540g gluten-free mixed bread - organic baking mix ,
30g sesame seeds,
clay pot.


Preheat the oven to 200 degrees bottom/top heat.

Put the contents of the bag in a bowl with approx. 630g water and 30g sesame seeds, knead into a homogeneous dough and form an oval shape that fits in the clay pot.

Sprinkle about 20g sesame seeds or more on a clean surface. Moisten the oval dough slightly with water and roll 80% in the sesame seeds. The bottom of the bread doesn't have to be covered with sesame seeds.

Carefully place the bread in the tin and cover with the lid. Optionally, you can let the bread rise in the tin for 1-2 hours or put it straight into the oven.

Tip : Attention, some baking tins should be brushed with oil before you put the dough in the tin. Please note the instructions for the respective form.

Bake in the oven for about 1:45-2 hours. The temperature and baking time may vary slightly depending on the oven.

Do you like to refine your breads with different toppings?

Bon appetit.

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