glutenfreie Pizza Magherita

Pizza Margherita

Make the most traditional and easiest Italian pizza gluten-free yourself.

For the recipe you need the following ingredients:

For 2 large or 4 round pizzas :

30g olive oil and a little more for greasing
about 490ml water, lukewarm,
540g gluten-free pizza mix ,

For the topping :
200g Mozzarella di Bufala,
1 can chopped tomatoes or tomato sauce,
10-15 basil leaves, torn into pieces


Lightly oil a large bowl and set aside.

Mix gluten-free pizza mix , oil and water and knead for about 2 minutes.

Place the dough in the prepared bowl, cover with cling film or a damp kitchen towel and let rise until it has doubled in size (about 1 hour).

Preheat the oven to 230 degrees.

If necessary, drain the mozzarella in a colander and then tear into small pieces with your hands.

Roll out the dough on a pizza stone (if you have one) or on a surface floured with rice flour (or bread mix ) and fold back the edge. If you have baking silicone, you can also roll out the dough on it.

After the dough has been rolled out and formed into a pizza of your choice, form a narrow rim all the way around. (I always like the dough very thin.)

Tip: Brush the edge with olive oil for a nice colour.

Spread tomatoes, mozzarella and herbs on the dough, sprinkle 5-7 leaves of basil on top. The topping can of course vary as desired.

Bake the pizza for about 20 minutes at 230 degrees. Sprinkle the remaining basil (to taste) over the pizza and serve warm.

Tip: If you want it to be quick, I used the dough immediately after kneading it. Then the dough goes in the oven and automatically becomes higher/less crispy.

Bon appetit.

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